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YaYacc: General description

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YaYacc - an abbreviation for Yet Another Yacc.

The program was created as a syntactical analyzer, which is compatible with original on algorithm analysis and perceived language with yacc. It generate C++ code. Resulting code can be used in multithreaded applications.


Yayacc guarantees:

The program guarantees the possibility of embedding of generated programs in systems, with are functioning 24 $\times$ 7. The module returns the correct messages about mistakes when configuration or requirements are incorrect; and remain capable to execution other requirements. This fact confirms the reliability of program.

The supported platforms

  1. The operational system: UNIX (Sun Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD) or Windows NT
  2. The compiler for yayacc: ANSI C
  3. The compiler for a resulting code: ANSI C++

The documentation

  1. The general description.
  2. The guidance of system programmer.
  3. The guidance of system administrator.
  4. The list of version's changes.

The list of changes

  1. 22.05.2001 - grammar correction.
  2. 22.03.2001 - It was created.

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