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YaYacc: Administration Guide




YaYacc is C++ parser generator. It's consists from the following components:

  1. yayacc executable
  2. GradSoft/YaYacc.h - the title file of syntactical analyzer interface.

This is Administration Guide for version 1.0 of the package. Current version of YaYacc is always available on our website:


Software needed

  1. OS: FreeBSD-4.3 or later. It can be used with other Unix-like operation system, but this is not tested.
  2. C compliler: gcc. It can be used with other ANSI-C compatible compiler, but this is not tested.
  3. Threading package from GradSoft C++ ToolBox, version 1.1.0 or higher. It is needed only for running of generated programs, not for running yayacc itself.

  1. Make sure that necessary software are installed and are in working state.
  2. Extract files from archive yayacc.tar.gz in some catalog. Let's name this catalog <project_root>
  3. cd to <project_root>.
  4. Run configure with command ./configure [options] (options list is accessible via
    command . /configure -- help).
  5. Start compilation process with command make
  6. Become superuser.
  7. Run install process with command make install
  8. For deinstallation you can use command make uninstall


yayacc executables is installed in $prefix/bin. So, you can start it from command line by typing yayacc.

Generated programs include string:

#include <GradSoft/YaYacc.h>

This mean, that on time of compilation of generated programs subdirectory GradSoft with file YaYacc.h must be avialable in C++ include directory.

Of course, before using it is necessary to read Programming Guide ;)


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- created.

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