namespace GradSoft

enum LogEventType
Types of log events: Debug, Info, Warning, Error, Fatal
template<class EventType, bool enabled> class LogStreamLocker
lock guard for logger streams
Are we want to log debug output ?
Are we want to log info output ?
Are we want to log warning output ?
Are we want to log error output ?
Are we want to log fatal error output ?
typedef LogStream<DebugLogEventStruct, LOG_DEBUG_ENABLE> DebugLogStream
stream for debug output
typedef LogStream<InfoLogEventStruct, LOG_INFO_ENABLE> InfoLogStream
stream for information output
typedef LogStream<WarningLogEventStruct, LOG_WARNING_ENABLE> WarningLogStream
stream for warning output
typedef LogStream<ErrorLogEventStruct, LOG_ERROR_ENABLE> ErrorLogStream
stream for errors output
typedef LogStream<FatalLogEventStruct, LOG_FATAL_ENABLE> FatalLogStream
stream for fatal errors output
class Logger
Main class for events log
template<class EventType, bool enabled> class LogStream: private LogStreamBase, public ostream public std::ostream
Stream-like class for output to logger.


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